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POZ Decade: My Chemical Romance - Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge



My Chemical Romance's Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge just turned ten this week, and PropertyOfZack is launching our next Decade feature in honor of the album today! We have commentary on the album from POZ team members Adrienne Fisher, Connor Sheehan, Steve Ciccarelli, Deanna Chapman, and Ashley Aron, so enjoy the read and reblog to let us know your thoughts on Sweet Cheers ten years later!

How Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge holds up in 2014

I never got into My Chemical Romance. I remember buying Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge at a Best Buy the summer of 2004 and I remember seeing them open for Jimmy Eat World at the Allentown fair two years prior to that. I remember hearing more and more about them buzzing through my friends list on my internet journals, and of course internalizing “I’m not o-fucking-kay” as a hysterically blatant frame of reference for my (and everyone’s) mental state during those teenaged days. But I never got into them and I had nothing to contribute to this Decade… until I thought it might be interesting to give the record a fighting chance, a legitimate listen, as a person in 2014 now far beyond the demographic that it was intended to reach and inspire.
You know, we discuss plenty about how the current state of our music scene really is a mixed bag in terms of different sounds and influences, but my first-in-many-years impression of Three Cheers is that there’s not really much within immediate reach anymore that sounds like this. It’s a pressurized balance of snarl and swagger, but just barely brushed with a bit of humility from the then-recent days of their basement shows (and this record probably should have been called Last Chance for Humility, in terms of the My Chem trajectory). The goth vibe for which they’re infamous hangs ever-presently, permeating and dementing the melodies into these bleak, almost anti-pop sentiments. In fact, listening to this record bears some sonic parallel to looking at a strip of film negatives – you can tell what the subjects of the art are, but you’re supremely creeped out and maybe even fascinated by how they appear.
So for what it’s worth, I do get why it was a thing – that chorus on “Thank You For the Venom” squeezes what remains inside of my 16-year old heart, and the mounting anxiety between the gunslinger guitars and relentless drumming plays out way more recklessly than most comparable bands today would attempt. But that being said, I’m glad this record got its due when it did, because I’m not sure that the same kind of scene in 2014 would have embraced such a release that’s as gothic and high-concept as this one is.  And since I’ve heard plenty of the new crop of quasi-adults citing their romance with My Chem as silly and perhaps overblown (see also: South Park’s emo kid vs. goth kid fussing), maybe safe in nostalgia is the best-kept place for this record, honey. - Adrienne Fisher

Most important song on Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge
“You like D&D, Audrey Hepburn, Fangoria, Harry Houdini and croquet. You can’t swim, you can’t dance, and you don’t know karate. Face it, you’re never gonna make it.”
“I don’t want to make it, I just wanna …”
Those four sentences kicked off my introduction to My Chemical Romance.

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