Billie Holiday - I’ll Be Seeing You

its dark now and the streetlights have turned on and im under the duvet and this song is reminding me of times of opulence and secrets and white bathrooms and the melty gold over my fingers and your green eyes and how ive seen the impossible you

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Bye bye now love, speak to me its the end. But barely, but barely and then you caught her eye. Is it wrong if you don’t go looking but they coming finding and you go giving. Speak to me, breathe. thats what they said. but I can’t breathe and I can’t speak. How do I keep going on this self esteem rollercoaster, only hoping to be looked at and constantly loved. My own fault, but is it. no, no,no,no, Its my fault. Blaming one’s self the usual suspect. Crying for sympathy but never again. Crying for sympathy but never again. 

Do I sleep well at night good question, yes, but I dream dark of everyone. I don’t have slumber troubles, but REM screams. One day I will learn to breathe. My therapist told me I’m fine, but I’ll see her again sometime, sometime soon. breathe breathe breathe breathe breathe. Stop

I should just go away now


Look told you it was the end, but we still love each other.

How can you justify my actions 

I think I’m just going to grow my facial hair and write songs.